Lash Lift & Tint Training

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Our lash lift and tint training includes:

  • 2 hours pre-course study which is carried out via our online learning platform, meaning you can study from home and take your time to absorb this essential information before the day of your course.

  • One day hands on training. You and another student will team up to work on each other for live model practice. You can bring a model with you if you don’t wish to be worked on.

  • The day after the course you will be emailed with links to our secret Facebook support group, and you will be sent an enrolment code to access our online training videos which you can watch again and again!

The lash lift and tint course teaches you the steps to creating beautifully lifted and coloured lashes. This includes:

  1. Lash Preparation including how to apply under eye pads

  2. How to apply the lifting shields perfectly for the best lift

  3. Applying the natural lashes to the shield

  4. Application of lash lift solutions and tint including timings

  5. How to finish the treatment and relevant aftercare and potential retail items

  6. It also includes the essential in depth theory knowledge you will need to become a safe practising Lash Lift Technician.

This course is accredited by the Association of Beauty Therapists (ABT).