Handmade Russian Volume Lashes VS Premade Volume Fans

What is the difference between Russian Volume and Premade Fans? 
 The difference is this: the Russian Volume technique is the art of hand making your own fans and applying them so that the base of the fan wraps around the base of the natural lash. Russian Volume Lashes are a bespoke service because they can be completely tailored to the individual, each fan can be created differently to suit the particular area of the lash line. This method takes a lot of time, practice, patience and skill. A full set can take anywhere from 2-4 hours depending on your level of skill and the clients lashes. 
 Premade Volume Lashes are fans that have already been created for you and placed into a tray ready to pick up and use. They attach to the natural lash in the same way that a classic semi permanent lash does. Premade lashes are a speedy volume treatment which give the look of volume lashes which is great for clients who cannot lay down for up to 4 hours for a full set of Russian Volume, but they cannot be tailored in the way that RV lashes can. They tend to come in a 0.07 thickness (decent 0.05s are hard to find) and because of this the maximum safe weight of a premade volume lash is 4D, so you are limited to how full you can go on a client (safely, without ruining your clients natural lashes).  
 Both kinds of volume lashes have their own pros and cons, but it's down to personal choice (and opinion) as to which one you prefer. Neither is a good or bad choice, providing you apply them correctly and safely.

 How hard is it to learn the Russian Volume technique? 

 Learning how to create beautiful handmade volume fans can take weeks, months and even years. It all depends on how much time you are willing to put into this new skill. And it's not just about creating the fans, it's about getting that perfect attachment whereby the base of the extensions wrap themselves around the base of the natural lash. This is what creates the super strong bond that allows the extensions to last for a longer period of time than regular classic lashes or premade fans, as these other types of lashes simply sit on top of the natural lash. 

With handmade fans you can safely go from light volume all the way up to full on mega volume safely, as you can adjust the thickness of the extensions to a finer size and add in extra lashes to the fan without adding any extra weight to the natural lash. But be aware, the finer the lash extensions, the more difficult they are to work with. It takes a highly skilled technician to be able to pull off a perfect 0.03 10D handmade fan. Practice makes perfect. That and an amazing set of tweezers! 
What are Premade Volume Fans? 
 Let me start by saying that premade fans are NOT cluster lashes (aka party lashes). I want to debunk this myth straight away, as it is something that many Russian trained lash technicians have stated about premade fans in the past.  
You can see from the base of the fans, the cluster lashes have a much thicker and heavier base which is designed to sit along the top of the lash line. The premade fans are much lighter and finer at the base, and each individual lash on the fan is also finer and lighter, as well as being a much higher quality product with no kinks in the lashes. 

But don't they cause damage to the natural lashes? 
 Just like any other type of lash, damage will only happen if you are applying them in the wrong way and not taking notice of how heavy the fans are that you are applying! They are made to be applied using the same method as you would apply individual semi permanent lashes. Good isolation and minimal glue mean the risk of damage is much lower.  
The other thing you must take into consideration is the weight of the fans. The fan weight theory is the same as what Russian Volume Lash technicians use. Generally speaking you should never apply over a 0.15mm weight onto a single natural lash.

Sabrina Brown